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The May statement is now over.

Here are contributions from two senior MPs not mentioned already.

There must always be robust response to the use of terror on our streets. Let me reassure the prime minister that the Scottish National party is committed to working constructively with the Government to ensure we do all we can to protect the public.

[Theresa May] is absolutely right in her identification of the Russian state. What we are at the moment is the victim of state terrorism by a state which is in fact run as a gangster organisation and which threatens us all and has done it repeatedly on the international stage and is wholly outside the international rules-based system.

It clearly is going to become a pertinent issue when it becomes so apparent that the system is being abused by the Russian state for the purpose of sending [hoods] and murderers to come into our country to kill our citizens and those who are protected by us.


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Theresa May spoke by phone with US President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening to update him on the latest development in the Salisbury investigation, the PM’s official spokesman said.

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