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On the Today programme this morning James Brokenshire, the housing secretary, was asked who Theresa May is referring to when she talks of politicians who look down on people living in social housing. (See 9.17am.) “I think it’s more a sort of a greater public perception, sadly,” he replied.

When asked if there were Conservative politicians who took that view, he said May was referring to a “general stigma” which he said was a feeling among tenants who were consulted for a government policy paper. He went on:

I think home ownership absolutely is a really core credo of what I believe and what the party believes, and I don’t think there’s this, almost, like, a false dichotomy of it being one thing or the other – social housing or actually seeing home ownership as well. I think we can do both.


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Britain’s inflation rate has jumped to 2.7% in August, putting a squeeze on households again, my colleague Graeme Wearden reports. He has all the details on his business live blog.

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