If your tacos are basically some ground beef in a shell with a jar of salsa, fine – but you’re missing out on a world of tastiness

If your tacos always involve ground beef, seasonings from a packet, a jar of salsa and a corn shell, it’s time for an intervention. There is nothing wrong with the tacos you’re currently making, but there is so much more taco goodness to be had in this world.

“Tacos are great because you can eat very well, with really good ingredients, for not a lot of money or time,” says Joe Hargrave, the co-author of Tacolicious and chef at the San Francisco restaurant that bears the same name. Hargrave recalls touching down one Christmas in Mexico City and having to make his family a meal using just ingredients from a local corner store. With a can of oil-packed tuna and some fresh tortillas, Hargrave says he had lunch on the table in five minutes flat. “And my kids loved it.”

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