Conservatives have been spitting blood over Speaker’s decision to allow Grieve amendment

Seven former Speakers of the House of Commons have been executed. To judge by the looks on the faces of many on the government benches, John Bercow came dangerously close to becoming the eighth. For well over an hour of points of order that came dangerously close to outright entropy, Tory MPs were spitting blood about the Speaker’s decision to allow an amendment by the Conservative Dominic Grieve to force the government to have a vote on a Brexit plan B within three days if its plan A was rejected next Tuesday.

Cue absolute scenes. Constitutional outrage, yelled many MPs, working themselves up into an unpleasant shade of purple. A curious description of what appeared to most normal people as a relatively minor disagreement over parliamentary procedures. The cartoon Brexiter Mark Francois was particularly apoplectic. It was all a stitch-up. Bercow was a remainer to his core and he had only granted the amendment in the hope of making a no deal less likely.

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