Emergency warning in place north of city as Queensland flood crisis enters its 11th day. Follow all the developments

Good news from out on the roads. Highway closures had been contributing to food shortages at supermarkets along the north Queensland coast.

At 10:30am, the Haughton River Bridge was reopened to traffic.This means the Bruce Highway between #Townsville and #Ayr is now open to all traffic.

A big thank you to motorists for your patience while we completed assessments on the bridge to ensure its safety. #bigwet pic.twitter.com/DQJqYFNTF0

Bruce Highway between Ayr and Townsville just reopened. Some people we spoke to had been sleeping in their cars since Wednesday waiting for that. Now they’ll get home to assess damage @SkyNewsAust pic.twitter.com/7OGRalwsIz


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As I mentioned earlier, the prime minister is in Townsville. Scott Morrison will be holding a press conference in the suburb of Cranbrook at 11.15am local time, so in about 50 minutes’ time.

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