Mike Pompeo announces withdrawal from INF as Cory Booker joins 2020 presidential race

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has thrown his support behind home state senator Cory Booker for president.

Cory Booker ran toward the toughest problems and has fought to build a more just and fair nation for everyone, from his days on the Newark City Council, as mayor, and as a U.S. Senator. He’ll make an amazing President. https://t.co/3eRZveuuPJ


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Senator Cory Booker, joined by his mom Carolyn, signed paperwork formally declaring his candidacy for president.

His adviser Matt Klapper posted video of the moment.

Cory signs paperwork declaring his candidacy for president, his mom Carolyn by his side. pic.twitter.com/2KUXn4nUfN

Cory Booker’s mom, Carolyn, is clearly going to be a big part of his campaign. She flew from Vegas and was with him in church last night and now they’re together on Instagram Live with his brother. Family clearly filling some of the role we might otherwise see from a spouse. pic.twitter.com/QU61aoVkdL

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