Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have arrived in Hanoi for meeting to discuss denuclearisation

Here are Trump’s remarks at the beginning of the bilateral meeting with Vietnamese president Nguyen Phu Trong. This is courtesy of the pool reporter attending the event, who cautioned that the microphones weren’t great and so this is her best record of his comments:

The US like your country is doing very, very well. Our economy is probably as good as it has ever been, maybe the best it’s been. Unemployment and all the figures you would look at are at historically positive numbers and so I just see what you’ve done and I’m very proud of what you’ve done.

And I’m very proud to have left here last year, we had a very good meeting. We had a meeting with a lot of representatives some from Boeing and some others. We are going to be signing some very big trade deals, buying a lot of different products from the United States, l which we appreciate.


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President Donald Trump is calling the relationship between the US and Vietnam an “example” of what can become of North Korea if it gives up its nuclear weapons.

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