Facing the last session before the winter recess, the Coalition hopes to go out on a win by passing its tax plan. All the day’s events, live

The Australian has a story on Labor’s dividend imputation policy (the one which will scrap the franking credit refunds on super) based on a Treasury study, which it says shows a $10bn blackhole over the decade, raising $45.8bn instead of $55.7bn.

From the Australian story:

The Treasury modelling, based on a two-month external review of the policy, revealed that the behavioural shift expected from the impact of the policy on investors and retirees would be $1bn less over the budget forward estimates than the opposition had banked on.


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For anyone watching the outcome of the Labor presidency ballot – a result should be known by mid-morning.

On the last information (which was late last night) Wayne Swan was ahead – but they were yet to start counting the electronic votes.

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