Canberra plunged into leadership ferment again as Liberal divisions widen and Michael McCormack’s hold on the Nationals top job also looks shaky. All the day’s events, live

Liberal senator Jim Molan has posted a Facebook video noting that the National Energy Guarantee has “changed significantly” since last week and setting what seems to be a very difficult test for his support.

He said:

Good morning – I’d like to talk to you for a minute about the government’s energy policy. I will spend today assessing my personal position on energy policy. I expressed support last week on NEG plus plus plus plus and plus in the party room but also expressed my concerns. It would appear from media reports that the policy has now changed significantly, that it’s a very fluid situation and I can only go by media reports. I owe it to the leadership of the Coalition to give them time to tell me exactly what the new policy is, then I will make my mind up in relation to it. If media reports are to be trusted, the changes that are being mooted don’t go to the concerns that I have. The concerns that I still have are: whether our energy policy is necessary; whether it will achieve any effect on climate; and whether the cost will be worth it.”

I’d like to talk to you about the Government’s energy policy. #auspol #energy


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Mehreen Faruqi will be sworn into the Senate a little later this morning.

Faruqi is replacing Lee Rhiannon for the Greens.

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