Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison and Julie Bishop have all thrown their hat in the ring for leadership, but must secure numbers to force PM to call a party room meeting at noon. All the day’s politics, live

The Greens leader, Richard Di Natale, spoke to ABC radio a little earlier this morning. He made the point that whatever happens in this ballot, action on climate change, however meek, now looks unlikely. Turnbull dumped his signature energy and climate policy to appease conservatives, who then decided it wasn’t enough and knifed him anyway.

Turnbull announced the policy wouldn’t be taken to the next election, and you’d hardly expect any of his successors to backtrack on that, given it precipitated the demise of the PM.

Regardless of who wins the ballot, we’re not going to see any action on climate change. At a time when 100% of NSW is in drought, we’ve had bushfires right across NSW, in winter for goodness sake. We’ve got the Great Barrier Reef on the brink of collapse. We’ve got no energy policy now.

We have a party that has decided that it’s own pathway to electoral success is to talk about the fact that we’ve got to many people coming to this country, rather than addressing infrastructure and all those things that we know lead to a decent society.


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Right, we’ve got some immediate breaking news.

Warren Entsch, a Queensland Liberal who played a critical role supporting the same-sex marriage debate, has just indicated he will be the 43rd signature on the petition, if needed.

#breaking Queensland Liberal Warren Entsch has indicated he will be the 43rd signature to the leadership petition – but only if it needed. ABC understands he has repeatedly refused to sign the petitions but will add his name if it will break the deadlock. #libspill @politicsabc

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