Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg among those called to testify, and Alex Jones makes an appearance – but Google bosses stay home

Another major issue, especially for Senators Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton, was the degree to which Facebook, Twitter and Google should be aligned with American interests.

Rubio pressed Sandberg and Dorsey to “link your company to the values of this country” and pressed them not to comply with request from “authoritarian regimes”.


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This liveblog got under way a little late, so we missed some key exchanges between the lawmakers and tech executives.

Ron Wyden, one of the more tech-savvy senators, spent most of his time discussing the nexus between personal data and national security, saying “personal data is now the weapon of choice for political influence campaigns” and charging tech companies to “not make it easier for our adversaries to seize these weapons and use them against us”.

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