Follow latest developments as the OPCW is due to report on the Skripals’ poisoning in Salisbury and cabinet meets to discuss military action after Syria chemical attack

Theresa May has the backing of her most influential foreign policy backbencher to take part in any western strike against Syria without a Commons mandate.

Tom Tugendhat, chair of the foreign affairs select committee, insisted the prime minister had the right through the royal prerogative to make the decision without consulting parliament.

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Britain voted to join the US in bombing Syria in 2015 and was involved in covert operations before that. Its interventions have killed many people, fuelled the cycle of violence and done nothing to bring peace. Rather than backing the gung-ho foreign policy of the most inflammatory and xenophobic US president in history, the UK government should be seeking political and diplomatic solutions to the tragic situation in Syria, and to avoid anything that can escalate further the conflict in the region.

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The Russian Embassy in London continues to maintain that Yulia Skripal is being held against her will and have demanded proof that she if free.

A statement by her issued via Scotland Yard claimed she had refused an offer of consular assistance from the embassy.

“Yulia Skripal statement” is carefully worded to support UK official narrative and to block Yulia from outside world

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