PS4, Xbox One, PC; Coldwood/EA
Throwing in a cute companion entwines players to solve puzzles together, but makes the gameplay over-dependent on action dynamics

The first Unravel game was a welcome surprise back in 2015, when it was announced by a nervous man holding a handmade yarn toy alongside publisher EA’s more traditional menu of guns, cars, and (foot)balls. This year, EA went one better, announcing and releasing an equally adorable sequel on the same day.

But despite appearances, Unravel Two is very different to its predecessor. The first was a solitary adventure in which a curious little character made of yarn explored a world much larger than him, dragging everyday objects around so he could clamber on to them, and using the unravelled thread of his body to build bridges or swing from branches. The second features similarly mundane but beautiful environments – from forests and streams to playgrounds and barns – but with two yarn characters that can be controlled by two players together. They are attached to each other, and there’s much more freedom of movement – bigger jumps, more momentum.

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