The key to UK food security is not to grow more but to ensure our supplies and to cut out profligacy

This year’s heatwave and climate change in general highlight growing risks to food supplies and not just in this country (“To feed the world, we must exploit science, not spurn its advances”). Assuming that Britain will always be able to import food is folly. In 2010, Russia banned grain exports after a drought, while Trump’s reaction to a poor US harvest can be imagined. A falling pound and lack of trade agreements post-Brexit mean that European supplies are hardly guaranteed. Other countries might have their own problems and why should they bail out Britain, given its feckless attitudes?

It took Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, not Defra, to help stop fishing throwback, while the UK condones factory farming, killing then not eating unprofitable livestock, wasting wood pigeons (and huge amounts of food in general) plus widespread overeating. Good land has vanished under oilseed rape and development (although some houses are needed) and there is no defined responsibility for UK food security.

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