There will be times when your work is slow, or your income is low. There can be all sorts of different reasons for this, but the point is that you will have time to fill, and you may want to fill it with something that allows you to make more money, or at least allows you to save money.

That’s when you get to start thinking about options. For example, if you’re injured at work and you can’t go in and do your regular job, what do you do? If work is slow, are there any passive income options that you could explore?

Is there a way to create money from your passions or hobbies? And, maybe your best bet isn’t to do something more, but rather to minimize and spend less on other things.

After an Injury, What Then?

One reason that you may end up in a situation where work is slow is if you are injured. And even if you get Worker’s Compensation, you still may want to spend some of the extra time that you have healing figuring out what to do with your time to increase your income.

Worker’s Compensation isn’t always the same amount of money that you would make regularly, so it’s a reasonable assumption to try and make some more cash on the side.


Passive Income Options

Think about what your passive income options might be. If you have a computer, that means you can set yourself up to earn money automatically.

A typical way of trying to attempt this might be to create a blog or have a website where advertising happens automatically in the margins.

Every time someone looks at your site, you will get money from these advertisers. If you get enough traffic, this generates a significant amount of financial potential.


Creating Money from Passion

Is there something that you do that you could potentially sell?

For people who enjoy music, maybe you want to pass yourself off as an instructor. Or, if you create music, consider that could get passive income from licensing.

The point is that if you have extra time, you can use your mental acuity to decipher a way to create money from a passion that you already have.


Reduce Your Costs

Then there’s the matter of reducing your costs. If work is slow or income is low, maybe just not spend so much cash on things that you don’t need.

For example, if you forgo your expensive cup of coffee for a week, it’s just like making an extra $40.

Reduction of costs is a great way to not put any extra effort into what essentially feels like having additional income, especially if you stretch it out over the long run.

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