Tod Bradbury says the EU’s plan to rename vegetarian products is absurd, but Roger Newman Turner begs to disagreeThe proposal by the EU to reserve names such as burgers and sausages only for products that contain meat is absurd (So long veggie burger. Hello to the ‘veggie disc’ and fries, 5 April). Does the meat industry hold consumers in such contempt that they believe someone would buy a veggie burger thinking it contains meat?

There is a great irony in the notion that vegan products are misleading. Let’s start with the names the meat industry gives its products: bacon, rather than dead pig; beef, rather than dead cow flesh; milk, rather than bovine mammary secretion. If those involved in this proposal think sticking the word veggie in front of the word burger is misleading, surely it is genuinely misleading to redefine what a product actually is.

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