Denial was the theme of the campaign against safe access zones – a 150-metre radius around clinics from which anti-abortion ‘counsellors’ are banned

I knew the other side were cooked when yesterday’s tweets appeared. “Say NO to #safeaccesszones!” isn’t the kind of messaging that wins you popular support. Even if the public has no idea what or where your zone is, “safety” isn’t something anyone likes to say no to.

Denial, however, was the theme of the whole “say NO” campaign – the “access zones” in question are the 150m radii around clinics and doctors’ offices in NSW providing reproductive health and pregnancy termination services. Denying women the opportunity to seek medical care without their personal harassment, bullying and intimidation has been the whole act of the anti-abortion “sidewalk counsellors”. These were the “say NOers” desperately trying to stop the passage of legislation debated in New South Wales parliamentary yesterday drafted to criminalise their outrageous behaviour.

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