There’s nothing better than making a steady stream of income from a passive source, but these sources of income don’t appear from thin air. Instead, many sources of passive income require a good bit of work to get started, at which point you can begin to automate things a bit.

Because of this, having a career in technology works great with finding passive income sources. You’ll already be spending plenty of time on your computer, and you shouldn’t have a problem learning to work any site or software. Here’s why a career in technology works so well with passive income sources.


Financial Security

If you’ve spent any time trying to build sources of passive income, you’ve probably run into this dilemma: You want to work on building your passive income but it’s hard to justify since you’re already having a tough time making ends meet. This is why it’s important to have financial security when looking for passive income.

With a career in technology, you can rest assured knowing you’ll make a good salary and there are plenty of job opportunities out there for you, giving you plenty of time to work on passive income. A quick look at some of the Boston software engineering jobs available is proof of just how secure a career in tech can be.


Relevant Knowledge

The truth about passive income is that a large majority of passive income sources require you to use technology in some way. You might not have to be an expert for many of them, but there are a lot of ways to make passive income that are available exclusively to those who are willing to get their hands dirty and learn some advanced tricks.

As somebody who spends a lot of time around technology, you’re going to have an easier time understanding how to utilize these sources of passive income best. Whether you’re creating an affiliate marketing website or using a peer-to-peer lending service, your firsthand knowledge of technology will always be an advantage.


Close to the Source

Of course, your understanding of tech is only one benefit; you also get the benefit of consistently working close to the source(s) of your passive income. If you often have long periods of downtime at work where you’re waiting for emails or assignments, you can simply use that time to check on your passive income sources.

While you shouldn’t do this so much that it puts your job in jeopardy, the truth is that every job has downtime and you’re fortunate enough to use it productively as a tech expert.

You might even come up with a brilliant new idea for passive income while you’re working. If you spend your time developing software at work, a creative spark might give you the idea you need to create the next great app or website.

While this can happen for anybody, your career in technology means you’re uniquely positioned to actually take advantage of the great ideas you have and bring them to life.

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