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To say that we don’t know what causes depression and to describe it as a “mental disorder” (Gene breakthrough raises hope for better depression treatment, 27 April) is out of step with current thinking and service users’ views. So-called depression can’t be likened to physical illness and “treated” willy-nilly with drugs. If we listen to those experiencing problems with their mood, we hear of their experiences of trauma and other adverse life events, for which drugs are, at best, only a very temporary solution. We need more talking therapies and preventative interventions, not to waste money in a fruitless quest for genetic “answers”.
Dr Tanya Garrett
Clinical and forensic psychologist, Birmingham

• Contrary to the impression in your article about teaching Syrians to swim in Wolfsburg (Weekend, 21 April), at least one of our local swimming pools in Camden has an adjustable floor for children’s lessons. Other amenities include swimming to live music once a month, various water-based classes, glorious high cathedral ceilings and the friendliest staff anywhere. It’s a social enterprise as well! Not everything has been destroyed by austerity – yet.
Sheila Hayman

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