51 min: Almost an opening for France who shift the ball nicely from back to front but the key pass to the overlapping Hernandez is overhit by Demebele. Let-off for Australia with Risdon caught out of position.

“Greetings from Geneva,” greetings Liam Murray. “They’ve set up a 12,000 capacity fazone, about 95% blue, as you’d expect, and they were very raucous -well, as raucous as French people get- before and during the first 15 minutes of the game, but now it’s like a church in here. France really lack leadership: where’s one of Thuram, Desailly, Barthez, Blanc, Deschamps or Zizou when you need them? I’m predicting an upset: one-nil to the Aussies, probably from a corner.”


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48 min: Stoppage in play while Hernandez receives treatment. The France left-back has spent his fair share of this game on the deck with replays not favouring his resilience.

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