With millions displaced and disease rife, the human cost is already incalculable. The international community must act

In three years, so many things can happen in a person’s life. A child will start going to nursery, a student can get a bachelor’s degree. In three years, someone can meet the love of their life and get married; someone can start a business and succeed. Imagine what change can happen to a country that is considered the poorest in the Middle East and exhausted by war.

The day that changed the lives of millions of Yemenis was 26 March 2015, when, within three hours, the sky filled with aircraft. People were shocked by what was happening, hoping that when the sun next rose, this would just have been a bad dream. They thought it would only last for a couple of days, but sadly three days passed and there was still war; three weeks passed and there was still war; three months passed and there was still war; and, today, three years will have passed, yet the situation keeps deteriorating.

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