Tens of thousands of young people in Britain and abroad are demonstrating for climate action in the latest wave of strikes

We are now marching through gridlocked traffic where Haymarket meets Piccadilly Circus. George Bond, 16, one of the organisers of the march, says the relevance of the west end is that it’s a symbol of western convenience culture, while the world struggles with the climate crisis.

Oxford street is full of fast fashion and it’s a stark reminder in the western world that while we enjoy a culture of convenience people in the global south are working in bad conditions.”


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A roundup of activity around Britain, from Sheffield to Birmingham.

Sheffield medical students supporting #YouthStrike4Climate in Sheffield #medicsforfuture ⁦@healthyplanetsheffield ⁦@rcgp⁩ ⁦@LancetCountdown⁩ ⁦@GreenerPracticepic.twitter.com/4LGF1h1n5V

Happening now in Sheffield! Amazing young people talking passionately about climate change #ClimateStrike #YouthStrike4Climate pic.twitter.com/v5uTgveH5F

Fantastic feeling here in #Birmingham for the #YouthStrike4Climate. Many strikers here have got the message and are eating @GreggsOfficial #vegan sausage roles as they wait for the protest to begin! https://t.co/ydeS3CN00t

“Torries, tories, tories: OUT, OUT, OUT!” #YouthStrike4Climate pic.twitter.com/eJj0PkVGo9

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